December 19, 2017

Best of 2017 – Metal for Everyone’s Top 20 Albums and More!

Top 20 albums

  1. Atonement – Immolation
  2. Mutilated and Assimilated – Broken Hope
  3. Return to the Wasteland – Hellcannon
  4. For the Fallen – Memoriam
  5. Syncretism – Sinister
  6. Profane Nexus – Incantation
  7. Red Before Black – Cannibal Corpse
  8. Kingdoms Disdained – Morbid Angel
  9. Obituary – Obituary
  10. Death Revenge – Exhumed
  11. Wounds Deeper Than Time – Morta Skuld
  12. Desolate Gods – Father Befouled
  13. World Inferno – Entrails
  14. Zero Days – Prong
  15. The Grinding Wheel – Overkill
  16. Abhorrent Manifestation – Ascended Dead
  17. Severed Monolith – Gorephilia
  18. Misantropologi – Undergang
  19. Of the Dark Light – Suffocation
  20. Coils of the Lesser Serpent – Deserter


Best EP

Ectoplasma – Skeletal Lifeforms


Best Live Albums

Rotting Spiritual Embodiment – Incantation

Night of the Living Deathgenerations – Avulsed


Best Concerts

Hartford DeathFest – Obituary, Gruesome, Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth – The Webster in Hartford, CT

Vile Records Fest III – Morbid Saint, Hellcannon, Resthaven, Nemesis, Sadistic Ritual, Cain, Condition Critical, Order of the Dead – Sanborn, NY

Testament / Prong / Sepultura – Electric Factory in Philadelphia


Best Discoveries

Skeletal Remains



Father Befouled



Best Comeback

Morbid Angel



2018 Things I am looking forward to

New Morpheus Descends album and tour

New Cancer album

New Pestilence album

New Deicide album

Fire for Effect album

Ozzy world tour

Where the fuck is the live King Diamond ABIGAIL Blu ray? Show was more than two years ago!


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