August 11, 2017

Sinister – Syncretism album review

4 Stars out of 5

Holland produces some of the best death metal ever made, and no other band from the Netherlands has consistently created great albums like Sinister has. CROSS THE STYX, DIABOLICAL SUMMONING, and HATE are legendary old school dm albums and recent gems like THE CARNAGE ENDING and THE POST APOCALYTPTIC SERVANT show that Sinister can still bring the scourge. Now we get SYNCRETISM, their 13th album, 25 years after their CROSS THE STYX. How does it measure up with the rest of their catalog?

This is a very good album, dripping with evil atmosphere, more so than previous albums. Keyboards are used to a creepy effect throughout, augmenting the signature twin guitar assault, blasting drums, and guttural vocals. There is more ominous whispering and chanting going on here than usual too. Take “Blood Soaked Doman” for example. The song stars off as a slower paced bludgeoner with a brutal chorus before building into intricate guitar solos and a haunting spoken chanted chorus. Overall the vocals on the album are decent but there are too many echo effects for my taste as I prefer as few vocals effects as possible. Opening track “Neurophobic” is a crusher that drives home what Sinister does so well, organized brutality and chaos with strong musicianship. This is not just a wall of noise. Other great tracks include “Convulsion of Christ”, “Dominance by Acquisition”, the title track, “Black Slithering Mass” and “Rite of the Blood Eagle”.  There is no filler here. A few of the songs are a bit long, in the 5 to 6 minute range when 4 minutes would have been better but this is a minor complaint.

Recommended for fans of blasphemous death metal. This will satisfy any extreme metaller’s need for aural mayhem. I liked the last 2 Sinister albums better than this one, but this is still killer stuff. The album is very hard to get in the US unfortunately, probably best to order directly from Massacre Records.

  1. Neurophobic
  2. Convulsion of Christ
  3. Blood Soaked Domain
  4. Dominance by Acquisition
  5. Syncretism
  6. Black Slithering Mass
  7. Right of the Blood Eagle
  8. The Canonical Rights
  9. Confession Before Slaughter

Sinister is:

Aad Kloosterwaard – Vocals

Toep Duin – Drums

Bas Brussaard – Guitars

Dennis Hartog – Guitars

Ricardo Falcon – Bass


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