October 23, 2016

Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways to Die album review

Five Stars out of Five

Death Metal Legends Obituary have been on quite a tear the last few years. After signing with Relapse Records and touring the world the last two years in support of INKED IN BLOOD, the band is working on a new album due out next Spring. As a preview of that album, the fans are now getting TEN THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE, a “single” with 2 new songs and a full set of live tracks from the 2016 tour with Cannibal Corpse. Whenever Obituary releases anything live, all deathmetallers should take notice! Let’s see what those swamp redneck hillbillies have dredged up for us this time!

The two new tracks are “Loathe” and “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”. Both are what you would expect from Obituary, John Tardy’s one of a kind ghoulish groaning and screaming over low tuned grinding guitars, the winning formula since 1989! I like both of the songs, “Loathe” is very slow and repetitive, but I dig the groove and the depths John reaches. It is a bit long at 6 minutes and “Ten Thousand Ways to Die is a little short at around 3 minutes, but this is nitpicking. Production is good on both songs, better than the raw, thin sounding production on INKED IN BLOOD, John’s voice sounds much fuller here. “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” actually has a solo in it that is kind of technical for these guys, but outside of that it is your typical “fast” Obituary song. So we get a slow one and a fast one, if this is what the new album is gonna sound like, sign me up!

Now, the best part of this release are the live tracks, all taken from different cities on the US tour earlier this year (link to my review of the Philly show http://metalforeveryone.com/2016/02/cannibal-corpse-obituary-cryptopsy-abysmal-dawn-the-theater-of-the-living-arts-philadelphia/ ). This is their full set from that tour and it gives you a good feel for what is was like, death metal in its purest form, total chaotic sickness! Everything here sounds killer, the two INKED IN BLOOD songs have more kick here than they do on the album and the rest of the set is like a timewarp to the early 90s! “Intoxicated” and “Bloodsoaked” really fucking rip, “Dying” is creepy and brooding, and “Find The Arise” just snaps us all out of our shit! The rest of the set is just a beatdown of classics, with one better than the next, “Til Death”, “Don’t Care”, “Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out (maybe the best track on the whole damn thing!) and of course. “Slowly We Rot”, delivered with venom! Obituary has a deserved reputation as one of the best live death metal acts of all time, and they fucking drill that home here!

Metal For Everyone gives TEN THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE our highest recommendation. Is this the best live death metal album of the year? Absolutely! Is it the best of all time? It’s in the conversation. If you are a deathmetaller you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this right away! FIGHT TILL THE DEATH!

  1. Loathe
  2. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
  3. Redneck Stomp – live
  4. Centuries of Lies – live
  5. Visions In My Head – live
  6. Intoxicated – live
  7. Bloodsoaked – live
  8. Dying – live
  9. Find The Arise – live
  10. ‘Til Death – live
  11. Don’t Care – live
  12. Chopped In Half / Turned Inside Out – live
  13. Slowly We Rot – live


Obituary is:

John Tardy – vocals

Donald Tardy – drums

Trevor Perez – guitars

Terry Butler – bass

Kenny Andrews – guitars


Band Contact: http://www.obituary.cc/contact.html


Buy Album: http://store.relapse.com/item/41836



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