October 6, 2016

Asphyx – Incoming Death album review

4 Stars out of 5

Dutch Death Metal legends Asphyx are back again with a new offering of crushing death and doom! More than 4 years since the dreadnaught DEATHHAMMER sank us in early 2012, Martin and the boys have whipped up another maelstrom of riffs, ungodly howls and screams, and punishing low end punch. Sound good to you? Bring on the INCOMING DEATH!

INCOMING DEATH begins by ripping our heads off with “Candiru”, an intense battering of the senses in the vein of “Vermin”, just a vintage fast Asphyx song with all of the classic elements. The track gives me goosebumps every time and would be just perfect for kicking off a live set! The next two tracks are slower and more haunting, “Division Brandenburg” and Wardroid”. Riffing during “Wardroid” is cool. “The Feeder” is mid paced with powerful bass and then things get more back to typical Asphyx with “It Came From the Skies.” There are a few surprises on the album. “The Grand Denial” is a bit lighter for an Asphyx tune and it features an acoustic (!) outro. “Subterra Incognita” is a killer slow doomy song with a little piano at the end. “Death – The Only Immortal” is just too light for me, the signature Asphyx crushing death doom is watered down a bit. The rest of the album is exactly what you would expect, a savage title track, rollicking death on “Forerunners of the Apocalypse, and blazing brutality on “Wildland Fire”. The two covers of Winter’s “Servants of the Warsmen” and Master’s “Master” are excellent, old school death metal done right and respectfully.

Overall INCOMING DEATH is a very good Asphyx album but I don’t think it is as good or as consistently brutal as DEATHHAMMER. There was a little bit of experimentation going on here and I didn’t expect that from Asphyx. INCOMING DEATH can’t touch Asphyx’s classic material, but the band can still bring it and produce a quality death metal record. Highly recommended for fans of extreme metal.

  1. Candiru
  2. Division Brandenburg
  3. Wardroid
  4. The Feeder
  5. It Came from the Skies
  6. The Grand Denial
  7. Incoming Death
  8. Forerunners of the Apocalypse
  9. Subterra Incognita
  10. Wildland Fire
  11. Death: The Only Immortal

Bonus Tracks

  1. Servants of the Warsmen – Winter cover
  2. Master – Master cover


Asphyx is:

Martin Van Drunen – Vocals

Paul Baayens – Guitars

Alwin Zuur – Bass

Stefan Huskens – Drums


Band contact: https://www.facebook.com/officialasphyx/


Buy album: http://www.cmdistro.com/band/asphyx



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