June 2, 2016

Putrevore – Tentacles of Horror album review

4 Stars out of 5

I love a good side project band don’t you? Avulsed’s Dave Rotten has always been very active with side bands – Christ Denied, Holycide, FamishGod, and Putrevore to name a few. In 2004, Dave teamed up with Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Bone Gnawer, Deranged) to create Putrevore, an enveloping style of death metal quite different from their other projects. TENTACLES OF HORROR is their third full length album. Let’s see what these sickos have conjured up!

This is like Demilich mixed with Mortician! No traces of Avulsed are present. Dave’s vocals are ultra low here, the lowest end of his register and he doesn’t sound remotely human! I think it’s one of his best performances, and that is saying something! No vocal effects of course! Music creates a suffocating atmosphere of dread and otherworldliness, like slowly downing in a sea of bile. It’s one of those albums where it is best to listen to the entire thing at once (hey it’s only 37 min!) rather than just individual tracks as the songs blend together very well. Guitars are haunting at times, chugging at others, and just a bit weird and irreverent. There are some great slow doomy passages too, check out “Gable Window Portal Pt. l” which alternates between bludgeoning blast beats and slow foreboding doom. Drumming alternates between pounding and relentless to subtle, there is a lot of contrast on the album. No weak tracks on the album, I dig the whole thing. If I have to pick favorites, I’m going with “The Rotten Crawls On” and the 2 “Gable Window Portal” tracks.

Recommended for fans of savage dread inducing old school death metal like Incantation and Rottrevore.

  1. These Caverns Breed Filth
  2. Unspeakable Madness Beckons
  3. Gable Window Portal Pt. 1
  4. Gable Window Portal Pt. 2
  5. Through the Vortex to Aeons Past
  6. The Rotten Crawls On
  7. Hyperborean Dreams
  8. A Maw Surrounded By Tentacles


Putrevore is:

Dave Rotten – Vocals

Rogga Johansson – Guitars, Bass

Brynjar Helgetun – Drums


Band Contact – https://www.facebook.com/putrevore/


Buy Album – http://www.xtreemmusic.com/shop/english.item.index.php?&id=16850



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