June 2, 2016

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror EP review

3.5 Stars out of 5

Virtually all metalheads seem to love the band Death, but tragically we all know Chuck Schuldiner passed away in 2001, so unfortunately there hasn’t been any “new” Death music since 1998. Well, how about the next best thing, a band writing new material that honors Chuck’s music and legacy? Look no further than Gruesome! The 4 piece supergroup composed of Matt Harvey (Exhumed) on guitar and vocals, Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) on guitar, Robin Mazen (Demonomacy) on bass, and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation) on drums, were formed in 2014. The following year they put out the well received SAVAGE LAND, which sounded like lost LEPROSY era Death songs. Busy guys and gals, now they are back serving up a new EP called DIMENSIONS OF HORROR that is meant to channel SCREAM BLOODY GORE. You ready for an old school beating? Good, read on then!

DIMENSIONS OF HORROR is a compact 6 songs that will all remind you of certain SCREAM BLOODY GORE tracks from time to time, but they also have their own nuances. The most obvious one is the brutal “Amputation” which sounds like a shorter version of the ferocious “Mutilation” from SBG. The beginning of “Hellbound” echoes “Infernal Death” and the chugging guitars in “Seven Doors” evoke “Zombie Ritual”. I even hear a little “Sacrificial” on the title track. Stylistically, there’s nothing original here but that’s the point, isn’t it? Riffs and solos are good and Matt’s vocals sound eerily like a prime Schuldiner. Drumming is straightforward like Chris Reifert’s was on SBG. Most of the tracks are short and none are as good or as catchy the material on SAVAGE LAND, but this is a solid EP.

Death Metal EP’s rule – the genre cranks out a ton of classic EP’s (HUMAN WASTE, DARK IS THE SEASON, and CRUSH THE CENOTAPH to name a few!) and while DIMENSIONS OF HORROR isn’t on that level, it’s a worthy addition to your collection. To give the EP a throwback look, the cover illustration was done by Ed Repka, who did the original artwork for the first 3 Death albums. Back cover has band photos in the corners just like LEPROSY. The CD itself looks like a Combat Records release from the 80s, bare bones silver with black lettering, no fancy graphics. You can even buy DIMENSIONS OF HORROR on cassette tape if you like!

This is an enjoyable EP of old school death metal! Recommended for all fans of extreme metal.

  1. Forces Of Death
  2. Raped By Darkness
  3. Amputation
  4. Hellbound
  5. Seven Doors
  6. Dimensions Of Horror


Gruesome is:

Daniel Gonzalez – Guitar

Matt Harvey – Guitar, vocals

Robin Mazen – Bass

Gus Rios – Drums

Band contact – https://www.facebook.com/gruesomedeathmetal


Buy album – http://store.relapse.com/item/39217


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