December 1, 2015

Gutted – Bleed For Us to Live album review

Five Stars out of Five

What makes a Death Metal classic? For me it has to be brutal yet catchy, with good guitar hooks, blasting drums, and sick inhuman vocals. You know, something that stays in your brain for hours after you’ve heard it and you can’t help but hum or sing it to yourself. Gutted’s BLEED FOR US TO LIVE fits that bill and then some! Ohio’s Gutted caused quite a stir when the 3 Ditch brothers hit the underground scene in the early 1990’s. Originally released in 1994 on Red Light Records, BLEED FOR US TO LIVE has become one of the most sought after old school Death Metal rarities, with cassette tapes selling for as much as $50 on Amazon! Repulsive Echo to the rescue! The Greek label has re-released the album in digipak format with lyrics and a fold out booklet / poster of SV Bell’s awesome artwork. For those unfamiliar with Gutted, does the album live up to the hype?

The whole album feels very in your face and a bit over the top, it ain’t subtle that’s for damn sure! Things start off with some thunder and rain with an eerie keyboard intro. Then “Bleed”, one of the best vampire songs ever, begins building ominously before bludgeoning us with grinding riffs and Mark Ditch’s powerful growls. This song sets the blueprint for the rest of the album. Mark’s voice really shines throughout the album and stands out, much like John Tardy‘s(Obituary) did on SLOWLY WE ROT or Masse Broberg’s (Hypocrisy) did on OBSCULUM OBSCENUM. It really is one of the best Death Metal vocal performances ever recorded, forceful, feral, and plenty of range. Think vintage Chris Barnes meets Jan -Chris de Koeijer (Gorefest) meets Corpsegrinder. Lyrics are sick but tongue in cheek like Autopsy or Pungent Stench, titles like “Death Before Dismember” ,“Chock Full of Guts”, and “Kickin’ The Corpse” let us know these guys don’t take the subject matter seriously, it’s just entertainment. Guitar work is catchy throughout the album with great groove and the drumming is solid. Best songs include “Cold in the Coffin” (where is that cool intro from?), “Chopped Up at the Altar” (relentless and nastiest lyrics on the album), “Flood of Blood” (cool tempo changes), “Nailed to the Cross”, and the aforementioned “Bleed” which has an amazing chorus (BLEED FOR US TO LIVE, JOIN THE IMMORTAL ARMY, COME UNTO ME, BLEED FOR US TO LIVE!). No bonus tracks are provided and the album does not appear to be remixed or remastered. Sound quality is good, especially for a 21 year old album. Artwork is on the inner sleeve of the digipak as well, so you can see some close ups of the finer details.

If you used to own this album and don’t have it anymore (like me), order a copy now! If you have never owned this album and you are a Death Metal maniac, what are you waiting for? Metal For Everyone gives BLEED FOR US TO LIVE our highest recommendation.

  1. Bleed
  2. Sins of God
  3. Nailed to the Cross
  4. Cold in the Coffin
  5. Chopped Up at the Altar
  6. Death Before Dismember
  7. Chock Full of Guts
  8. Skeletonized
  9. Kickin’ The Corpse
  10. Flood of Blood

Gutted was:

Michael Ditch (RIP) – Guitars

Mark Ditch – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Scott Ditch – Drums

Billy Mills – Guitars
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