December 31, 2015

Deicide Death In The Manger Tour 2015, Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD

December 17, 2015

Review by Joe Sullivan


Nothing says Christmas to me like some Satanic Death Metal! In 1995, my younger brother Charles gave me Deicide’s ONCE UPON THE CROSS as a Christmas gift! To borrow a line from the movie The Breakfast Club, it was a banner fucking year at the old Sullivan house! Now, 20 years later, Deicide is doing the Death in the Manger Tour, a December tour of the US with a Krampus theme! Krampus is the demon from German folklore that punishes bad children at Christmas, the dark half of old St. Nick! How awesome is this?!? I need my annual dose of Deicide live, and I didn’t get it last summer due to the Metal Alliance Tour getting cancelled, so when this tour was announced I went ape-shit! Onward to Baltimore to burn in Hell!


Tonight’s gig is at the Metro Gallery in downtown Baltimore. A few minutes away from the Inner Harbor, the little inconspicuous venue is pretty cool. You walk in and the stage is on your left, in the corner. Stage is about 3 feet off of the ground and it is deep but not very wide. No barrier but there was no stage diving tonight (sigh). Place holds about 250 people and tonight I think about 200 people came out to see the Kings of Blasphemous Death Metal. Sound quality was decent, certainly loud enough because my ears rang into the next morning! There was also a bar in the back. Place was a little dingy but I really dug it, good place to see a metal show. Merch was on the right side and in the back. Deicide always has good merch – you can always get shirts with the first album cover and LEGION’s album cover in addition to the current tour merch. Tonight they had two Krampus themed shirts, a Christmas sweatshirt and a Christmas sweater! Good stuff!




At about 11PM, Deicide took the stage quickly (no fucking around with excessive tuning, I love that!) and descended into “Homage For Satan” spewing hellfire! FUCK YEAH! Glen bellowed his deep rumbling vocals while frantically strumming his bass, occasionally leaning back and letting out a demonic scream! Behind him Steve blasted away on his drum kit, expertly performing blast beats and fills. Jack’s riffs and solos were killer and Kevin handled rhythms and high pitched backing vocals, re-creating the blended vocals from the albums! Before they took a breath, Deicide hit us with 3 more songs (“Dead By Dawn”, “Once Upon the Cross”, and “Scars of the Crucifix”) without stopping! It was like a four punch combination, just fucking deadly! Things were off to an insane start!




As usual Glen’s sense of humor was evident. He had a lot of nice things to say about the city of Baltimore, including that he used to come there a lot in the early 90s to bang a chick! The crowd called for Glen to run for president and his reply was “I only want to be president if I start a new country, and of course you’re all invited!” Glen’s vocals were strong tonight and he used his high range more than the other 3 times I’ve seen Deicide. His low end is like an instrument in itself, crushingly heavy and deeper than it sounds on the albums. Steve’s drumming was flawless over 18 songs, sick and intense. He is my favorite extreme metal drummer and I’ve seen them all over the last 22 years.




Set was a good mix spanning most of the Deicide catalog. Highlights included “When Satan Rules His World” (best song of the night imo, OPEN THE DOOR JEHOVAH YOU WHORE!), “They Are the Children of the Underworld” (good pit action!), “Dead But Dreaming” (LORD KUR! I love anything off LEGION, which is my favorite Deicide album!), “Trifixion” (sadly the pit was weak for this one, people avoided me as I thrashed around – BURNING I BLEED, UNHOLY INCISION, MARK OF THE BEAST, BEHOLD THE TRIFIXION!), “Beyond Salvation” (cool IN THE MINDS OF EVIL song), “Death to Jesus” (great STENCH OF REDEMPTION track), “Blame it on God” (YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KILLED YOUR OWN SON!), and of course, “Sacrificial Suicide” (best mosh of the night, FATHER, SATAN, I’LL FIND PEACE WHEN I AM GONE!). The set featured 5 songs from 2013’s IN THE MINDS OF EVIL and only 1 from TO HELL WITH GOD, so there has been a shift recently to feature the newest album. Crowd response was good but moshing was hit or miss. The first 4 or 5 songs the pit was pretty violent but after that it was only in spurts. During “Trifixion” no one wanted to engage me and some people didn’t seem to know the song! I try to mosh responsibly today and not hurt anyone, so I had to pull up a bit, especially since most of the guys in the pit were half my size. Still a good time though.




After about 70 minutes the set was complete. We didn’t get an encore (no “Lunatic of God’s Creation” or Kill The Christian”?) and I would have liked it if Deicide had featured their debut album more, which is 25 years old this year. Regardless, it was a great show, balls out old school Florida Death Metal! Deicide is still a major force in metal, catch Glen and co when they come to town and prepare to be bludgeoned and desecrated! For I am the Deicide, the Dominus, what could you do?



  1. Homage for Satan
  2. Dead by Dawn
  3. Once Upon the Cross
  4. Scars of the Crucifix
  5. When Satan Rules His World
  6. Serpents of the Light
  7. In the Minds of Evil
  8. Thou Begone
  9. Godkill
  10. Conviction
  11. They Are the Children of the Underworld
  12. Dead but Dreaming
  13. Trifixion
  14. Beyond Salvation
  15. End the Wrath of God
  16. Death to Jesus
  17. Blame It on God
  18. Sacrificial Suicide






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