November 19, 2015

Motorhead – Bad Magic album review

Four Stars out of Five

What do metal legends do? They keep on churning out great albums and continue to tour. For 40 years Motorhead has toured the fucking globe and put out an album every 2 or 3 years, and more often than not, the albums are loud, raunchy, fun rock n roll (well, they’re really metal, but if Lemmy calls it rock n roll that’s fine by me!). Despite the recent well known health issues Mr. Kilmister has dealt with, Motorhead was still able to go into the studio this year and give us BAD MAGIC, a fine piece of rollicking heavy music that remains true to the Motorhead sound. This is their 22nd (HOLY SHIT!) studio album folks! Let’s see what Lemmy, Phil, and Mikkey have cooked up for us!

BAD MAGIC immediately kicks you in the ass with “Victory or Die”; a fast Motorhead barnstormer that starts with Lemmy yelling a split second before the ginga ginga bass and guitar kick in with Mikkey’s insane drumming! I immediately smiled and started banging my head! The boys don’t let up with “Thunder and Lightning”, another scorcher which is all about touring and performing. Things slow down a bit for “Fire Storm Hotel” and “Shoot Out All of Your Lights”, a bit more rock than metal; I even hear a resemblance to AC/DC’s “Bad Boy Boogie” on the former. “The Devil” is a cool track, slow to mid paced with a good vibe and it features a Brian May (Queen) solo! I really dig “Electricity”; a quick little fireball with great riffing from Phil. The riff on “Tell Me Who To Kill” sounds a bit like Metallica’s “No Remorse”, which makes sense because Motorhead have always had some similarities with early Metallica and were a major influence on them. The album also contains the obligatory slow ballad “Till The End” and the Orgasmatron-like rasper “Choking On Your Screams”. I like Motorhead’s take on the Stones’ “Sympathy For the Devil”, it’s good and more heartfelt than heavy. It’s a cool version. Overall the entire album is an enjoyable listen that covers all of the Motorhead staples.

This is a very good Motorhead album, I like it better than “Aftershock” and “Kiss of Death” but not as much as “The World is Yours”, which I feel is criminally underrated. Of course it can’t measure up with their classic material. Buying a Motorhead album is like buying a Slayer album or an AC/DC album or a Deicide album or an Obituary album – you know exactly what you are going to get, and that is the way you want it! Recommended for Motorheadbangers and fans of classic metal.

Bad Magic

  1. Victory or Die
  2. Thunder and Lightning
  3. Fire Storm Hotel
  4. Shoot Out All of Your Lights
  5. The Devil
  6. Electricity
  7. Evil Eye
  8. Teach Them How to Bleed
  9. Till the End
  10. Tell Me Who to Kill
  11. Choking on Your Screams
  12. When the Sky Comes Looking For You
  13. Sympathy For the Devil

Motorhead is:

Lemmy Kilmister – Bass, Vocals

Phil Campbell – Guitars

Mikkey Dee – Drums


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