November 6, 2015

Broken Hope – Live Disease Blu Ray / CD review

Four Stars out of Five

I love a good live Death Metal album! I hit a lot of shows and anything that can come close to capturing the live brutality and energy that we metalheads get to witness is a must own! I’ve seen Broken Hope 3 times since their re-formation in 2012 and they are one of the best live Death Metal bands around. So when I heard a live blu ray / CD was in the works, I immediately got giddy and marked the date on my calendar that it was coming out. That day is finally here my metalhead brothers and sisters! Broken Hope has put out LIVE DISEASE, which captured their 2014 performance at Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic. Let’s pop that sucker in for a spin!

For starters, this is a LOUD recording! Sometimes live albums aren’t loud enough, due to the recording conditions, budget, acoustics, etc. Volume is not a problem here! Blu ray picture is crisp and camera angles are excellent, you get multiple views of Jeremy / Damian / Mike / Shaun / Chuck tearing it up on stage and it is a good representation of their stage presence. Performance is vicious and heavy, guttural sick vocals from Damian, killer riffs and solos from Jeremy and Chuck, powerful blast beats from Mike, and brutal bass from Shaun. The set is a mix of new and old material, standouts include “Dilation and Extraction”, “Gorehog” (introduced as the fucking impending pig of doom!), “Swamped in Gore” (dedicated to Chris Barnes!), “The Dead Half” (I love anything from BOWELS OF REPUGNANCE!), and “The Flesh Mechanic”. Crowd isn’t as energetic as it should be given the carnage onstage. Somebody needs to show the Czech fans how to mosh! I always feel the shows I see are better than the DVD’s the artists put out, it always better when you’re there. As a result, I feel the Broken Hope shows I’ve seen are a little better than LIVE DISEASE, but this is a great set and I am very happy to own it. Packaging is a cool digipak with a slipcase and booklet.

Blu ray includes behind the scenes interviews from Brutal Assault with Jeremy, Damian, and Mike. The documentary 25 YEARS OF SICKNESS – THE HISTORY OF BROKEN HOPE is also included, this was originally released as part of the OMEN OF DISEASE digipak in 2013. Now in hi-def, it’s a killer documentary with a ton of information, interviews, concert footage, studio footage, etc. It’s like a “Behind the Music” or “Rockumentary” (for those MTV-ers old enough to remember!) but better! A great tribute to the late Joe Ptacek is also included. I learned a lot about one of my favorite bands and that is the whole point of a documentary. This is a mandatory watch for all Death Metal fans!

LIVE DISEASE proves that Broken Hope is one of the best live Death Metal bands on the scene today. Every Death Metal fan should own this live album / blu ray. Highly recommended.

  1. Septic Premonitions intro
  2. The Docking Dead
  3. Dilation and Extraction
  4. Into the Necrosphere
  5. Gorehog
  6. Swamped in Gore
  7. The Dead Half
  8. I Am God
  9. He Was Raped
  10. The Flesh Mechanic
  11. Incinerated
  12. Felching Vampires
  13. End Credits


Broken Hope is

Jeremy Wagner: Guitars

Damian Leski – Vocals

Mike Miczek – Drums

Diego Soria – Bass (Blu Ray features Shaun Glass)

Matt Szlachta – Guitars (Blu Ray features Chuck Wepfer)


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