July 2, 2015

Sakrilejist 2014 Demo Review


Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sakrilejist formed in late 2014 and started circulating their 3 song self-titled demo at shows. This is a good demo and you can tell that all of the band members are experienced musicians. Sakrilejist’s style is blackened death metal, the Morbid Angel / Vader / Goatwhore influence is evident. Song structures are intricate with tempo and mood changes. Opening track “Curse of Lucifer” features a memorable riff, killer blast beats, and a cool breakdown / slam about halfway through. Aaron Celsus’ vocals are in-between black and death metal and they sound suitably evil, fitting well with the music. “Samael” is an all-out assault, its heavy riff reminds me of Morbid Angel’s “Dominate” and that’s a good thing! Third track “Bile of the Gods” is the most varied, with an eerie intro, crushing blast beats, and even some melodic singing from Aaron. As far as things that could be better, the vocals could be louder and more powerful and the drums sound a little flat at times. Overall this a quality demo from a new band with a lot of potential. Check them out in the Philly area and hit them up on FB to get a copy of the demo.


1. Curse of Lucifer

2. Samael

3. Bile of the Gods


Sakrilejist is:

Aaron Celsus – guitars, vocals

Brian Divver – Bass

Mark Vizza – Drums




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