July 9, 2015

Rooms of Ruin – Into The Black album review

3.5 Stars out of 5

Hailing from Middletown, NY, doom / sludge band Rooms of Ruin started as a side project for Cabal 34 members Ken Faggio (bass and vocals), Ken Mayer (guitars), and Annie Terror (drums).  Ken is also the bassist for underground death metal legends Morpheus Descends, but make no mistake, Rooms of Ruin is deeply rooted in Black Sabbath doom and Crowbar sludge, not death metal.  INTO THE BLACK, their second full length opus, further cements the sound they established with 2012’s ALL IS ENDED.

Most of the songs are slow to mid-paced churning sludge with heavy tones. Ken’s voice is very unique, primal thick bellows that match the music well. The first 3 tracks are similar in foreboding vibe and style. The middle of INTO THE BLACK really shines. Tempo really picks up with “Devil Grass”, a faster, almost rollicking Sabbath inspired tune with a cool feel. “The 13th Gate” is slower but it is more upbeat than the early part of the album. “Eve of the Wolves” and “Third Sun” are Sabbath tinged plodders as well and are among the catchiest songs on the album. On “Demiurge” Ken’s vocals get a bit heavier and almost venture into death metal territory, but the music is still full on sludge doom.

This is a great doom / sludge album, somewhere in-between Black Sabbath and Crowbar in terms of heaviness. Highly recommended for fans of sludge and doom metal.


  1. Vertical Geographies
  2. Cross Dog
  3. Coffin Hunters
  4. Devil Grass
  5. The 13th Gate
  6. Eve of the Wolves
  7. Third Sun
  8. Change That Shapes
  9. Demiurge
  10. Endword


Ken Faggio – Bass, Vocals

Ken Mayer – Guitars

Annie Terror – Drums


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