July 12, 2015

Darkapathy – Condemned In Black album review

4 Stars out of 5

Buffalo, NY is notorious for producing great death metal. Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Baphomet, Hellcannon, Buffalo has a helluva pedigree. Add Darkapathy to that list. Forming in 2012, the band is composed of Buffalo metal scene veterans Dennis John Glinski (Tirant Sin, Carnal Dissection, Grave Descent) on vocals, Nate Gatti (Three Minutes of Hate) on guitar, and Sam Lomando (Carnal Dissection, Three Minutes of Hate) on drums. Bassist Jay Zgoda recently joined the band. Darkapathy’s second album, CONDEMNED IN BLACK is a death / doom crusher that continues what they started on their 2013 self titled debut.

Darkapathy’s sound is old school death / doom, slow churning low tuned guitars and bass, guttural but understandable vocals, and thunderous drums. The first 2 tracks “Onslaught to Carnage” and Sacrifice the Vile” are good solid mid paced death doom but they didn’t really grab me. Things get killer with the title track “Condemned in Black” which features a chunky, heavy Mortician style riff, it’s catchy in a death metal way. It’s got a cool vibe. Dennis’ voice is powerful and deep with good enunciation. “One Million Tortured” is slower and more in the vein of the classic Darkapathy sound. Then you get a one-two punch of what Darkapathy does best – crushing doom! “Genocidal Coven” and “Deliverer of Doom” are both extremely low tuned and ponderously heavy! “Deliverer of Doom” also switches gears at the end with a sudden blast beat section. Rest of the album is just as punishing with “Corpse Ritual” (hammering drums, creepiest song on the album, strange zombie noises), and “Contamination”.

CONDEMNED IN BLACK is a great sophomore effort from Darkapathy. I really dug the second half of the album as it was more of the style of their debut. The first few tracks expand their sound a bit, but it’s still heavy old school death / doom. Highly recommended for deathmetallers.


  1. Onslaught to Carnage
  2. Sacrifice the Vile
  3. Condemned in Black
  4. One Million Tortured
  5. Genocidal Coven
  6. Deliverer or Doom
  7. Corpse Ritual
  8. Contamination


Darkapathy is:

Dennis John Glinski – vocals

Nate Gatti – guitars

Sam Lomando – drums

Jay Zgoda – bass


Buy Album: https://darkapathy.bandcamp.com/


Band Contact: https://www.facebook.com/#!/darkapathyUSA?fref=ts



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