April 25, 2015

Liquid Graveyard Announce Record Deal and Release Album Teaser “Red Eyed Angel”

Progressive Death Metallers Liquid Graveyard have announced that they have signed a deal with Sleazy Rider Records to release their third album later this year. The album will be out in the US through Century Media, Relapse, and The End Records.

In addition to the amazing shredding talents of Cancer’s John Walker and the deadly vox of Raquel Walker, Liquid Graveyard also now boasts the furious bass of Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and the frenzied drumming of Lock Up’s Nick Barker!   

The new Liquid Graveyard line up is :
Raquel Walker – vocals
John Walker – guitars
Shane Embury – bass
Nick Barker – drums

Below is a link to the first album teaser RED EYED ANGEL, recorded and mixed at Sadman Studios in Madrid.



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